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STEPS TO FOLLOW FOR AN EFFECTIVE DAYCARE WEBSITE Your online presence is what prospective customers pick up on first about your business. Never forget the importance of a good website, as it makes a first impression for your business online. A website should always be planned out beforehand. Families looking for daycare and childcare services will most likely come in contact with your website first. To be successful in your website creation, you should spend some time planning out what your website should look like. Create sketches of the various main pages that you would like to include in your website. Having information like contact page, educational philosophy and location makes it a lot easier for prospective clients to decide on whether they want to hire your services. Media such as photos and videos are good ways to illustrate what a page is all about, and should be used after the headline and the page’s basic information has been given. Using the pictures and videos of the children enrolled in your daycare is a good strategy for publicity as long as their parents have signed a media release form. You should also do some research on other daycare websites to get more information, and note the outlines and designs you’d like to emulate on your website. Consulting an expert for creating your website is a good idea, so ensure you get good designer that you can afford with recommendations from your friends and colleagues. Let the designer see the outlines, and give him your logo and photos which he’ll need to design the website with. Letting the designer know how you plan on maintaining and updating the website is important for the eventual success of your business’ online presence and success.
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When your site’s mock-up is ready, put yourself in your customer’s shoes to see if it will satisfy the prospective customer. It is essential that you go through every page on the website before it becomes available for public viewing and read through the content to ensure that it will answer the questions of prospective customers, if not you have to work with the designer and tell him what you feel is missing. Your website designer will most likely set up your website on a content management system that is easy for beginners to use and understand, he can also offer you tutorial videos which will enable you to maintain the site with ease.
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Once your website has been created and is running, you should begin to publicize it in various ways from talking to colleagues, to getting an ad up on your local newspaper. You can ask your local child care center to add you to their listings. Social media is a more modern and easier way to publicize, so set up various accounts and share the links to your website. Maintain a steady online presence by updating your website and staying current on your social media accounts.