Top 5 Reasons Why Video Should Become an Important Part of Your Website Content Marketing Strategy

Manufacturing has long been the heart and soul of American business. Remaining competitive in an internet economy caused manufacturers to become leaner and more efficient and productive than ever before. What has not always kept pace is their online marketing strategies. Video content has become increasingly popular and important for a business website.

Manufacturers actually have a video advantage over many other industries. The manufacturing process is extremely visual and interesting. People have enjoyed watching things being made since the first Fords came off the assembly line.

Here are the top 5 reasons for including video on your website.

1. Video Converts More Customers

While there may be several reasons your website exists, the most important is generating leads and customers. A recent study found that 71% of marketers reported that the conversion rates for video outperformed all other marketing content. Consider video tutorials, product benefits, a webinar, an “about us” or a tour of the plant.

2. Video Evokes an Emotional Connection

Today’s consumers grew up on video. It creates an emotional connection because so much more can be displayed than with simple words. Video highlights facial expressions and voice tones and can display products and services far better than words. Even in B2B markets, video has been shown to have a positive impact on a consumer’s decision making.

3. Video is Easier to Create

Sometimes it’s necessary to invest the time and money on professional video. Other times, it’s possible to make your own great video for very affordable prices. Companies such as Sellamations and GoAnimate make video creation very easy.

4. Improved Click-Throughs on Emails

Writing great copy for emails isn’t easy, especially knowing that many will go unread. Using video in emails can double the click-through rates. Not bad at all.

5. Video Gets Your Message Across Better

Researchers found that 65% of viewers watch almost all of a video. This is significantly better than the retention rate for text-based content. If it’s important to get your message across – and it must be – give video a strong consideration.

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