What Matters in Success? How Marketers Are Making Automotive SEO All About the Sales

Internet marketing is not a game implemented by bored millennials with a kitschy new business idea. It’s a full-grown business endeavor. Though there are plenty of basement businesses doing short work with keyword analytic allocation, some are just doing it in bigger sweeps and with fewer technical and wieldy buzzwords. It’s a prime opportunity for car dealerships.

How can car dealerships utilize young professionals to bring in more sales? At the end of the day, it is the sales that matter. This is partly why the disconnect between a typical car dealership and a sporty Internet marketing package occurs. The professional is boasting about web traffic numbers, keyword improvements, and other technical concerns. But, the reality is that a dealership wants sales. It is a distillation of a greater point. Without sales, a dealership can’t stay in business. The greatest keyword ranking in the world won’t save a business that can’t turn that to real sales numbers.

Marketing professionals tie sales with results through conversion tracking. It is a method that essentially tracks how many web leads actually result in a sale. Most dealerships have an extensive page with offers on specific vehicles. This is commonly a place for used car sales. The marketing team, henceforth, connects the web analytics with the final sale in the building. It helps answer questions such as,

  • What keyword led them to the site and, subsequently, to the sale?
  • How long did they stay before calling?
  • Did they call from a mobile? Can this be utilized?
  • Was the vehicle they were looking at the vehicle they ended up buying?

These questions help pinpoint the details of the sale, and directly connect the web analytics (what is going on) with the sale (did it result in a sale?) The professionals will then cater their efforts towards sales boosting. This is a critical difference in automotive marketing.

Now, the methods used to promote a dealership will be a lot different than with another company. There is room for the guy in the basement selling used video games. There is also room for dealerships who want to sell luxury vehicles. There is really plenty of space for it all, and automotive SEO can accommodate all the various industries.