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A Guide to Pneumatic Tools Pneumatics is the field that deals with the tools and the applications based on pressurized gases or air. Air pneumatic tools, systems and machines are different from their hydraulic and electrical counterparts base on its driving force. While electrical tools are perfectly working on hydraulic and electricity tools using pressurized liquids, pneumatic tools can make use of compressed gas or air. There are lots of good examples for this matter such as sander, pneumatic cylinder, grinder, screw gun, nail gun as well as wrench that are used widely for industrial and domestic applications. The ease of use and at the same time, safety associated with these types of tools have made it more popular in public. In the next paragraphs, you’ll learn the different kinds of tools that are based on air pressure together with the working mechanism of each.
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Basic working – stored gases or air have potential energy that’s converted to kinetic energy when compressed, which is a known fact. Compressed gases or air are trying to expand and as a result, forcing the pistons to move with greater force. And these forces created by the pressurized gases are what forming the basis of pneumatic tools. Basically, pneumatic cylinder is the simplest example to understand its mechanism. As a matter of fact, cylinders in different shapes are filled with gases or air similar to carbon dioxide are attached to several other pneumatic tools to be able to perform the functions desired.
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Pneumatic Guns – air guns according to the principles of pneumatic are quite popular for nailing as well as using screws at impressive speed. The initial stages of these nail guns were based on air pressure use only and in addition to building constructions, it can deliver great advantage on carpentry as well as woodworking. The pneumatic screw guns are being used for fast feeding of the screws of different applications. Pneumatic Cylinders – pneumatic cylinders could be found in different forms similar to double acting cylinder, single acting cylinder, rotary air cylinder, telescoping cylinder and rod-less air cylinder. These said cylinders are more preferred by many for various reasons which include elimination of the need for storing liquids and a noise-free operation as in case for hydraulic cylinders. As for air based pneumatic cylinder, it is environmentally friendly and clean to use as well since any leakage from it isn’t polluting the surroundings. Manufacturers of these tools are always coming up with improved versions to be able to facilitate the needs of industrial and domestic users. These tools are being traded on different regions and countries through online business directories.