5 Signs you are dating a Player

So, you met this guy and he is clearly a handsome gentleman. He’s so nice to you and you started dating him. Your emotions say he is the one you want to be with for the rest of your life. But, is he really the one for you or is he the one that can break your heart into a million pieces?

In dating, you must be very careful because maybe you are the only one who is into him and he is actually not into you. So, before getting too serious about your date, you must know how to spot 5 important signs you may be dating a player.

dating a Player

Gets sensual quickly but hates talking about future

If all his moves seem to be directed at getting you naked and in bed every time you go out on a date, you must start worrying. He may just want to date you for this purpose. Try to start a conversation about the future and commitment and if he evades it, then he might not really be interested in commitment.

Too sweet to be real

It’s really good to hear sweet words and compliments from the person you are dating but this is something you must watch out for. Players, especially if you just started dating, will do everything to get you in the mood and make you believe they are really interested in you and that you are special. This is until you believe he is really into you and agree to go to bed with him.

Refers to you as a friend and is even active in virtual dating online

If there is no clear picture of what your relationship status is and you found out he refers to you as a friend and not his girlfriend, this is a sure sign of a player. All the more if you see his status on online dating sites still online as if he is still looking to hook ups with others.

No plans of introducing you to his family

You’ve been dating for quite a while and you feel you are getting closer, but he has not yet introduced you to his family and even to his circle of friends. This may be a sign that he is not really serious about your relationship and that he is just out to play and you happen to be one of his toys or hobbies.

Disappears without a word for a long time

If you’ve been trying to reach him, but he is out of reach and you wonder where he is because he left you no note or text message, this is an alarming sign you might be dating a player. If a guy is really into you, he will always contact you whenever he goes somewhere.

If he doesn’t, he probably doesn’t want you to know where he is because he may be with other girls. After all, he can just create an excuse he will tell you later since he is too confident he can sweep you away with his words and make you forget about what he did.

Overall, choose your soulmate wisely. Start by going on a virtual date now!