5 Simple Tips For Cleaning Kitchen

The kitchen is the most used area in the house. It can become very messy if cleaning and maintenance is not done on a regular basis. This is the area where maximum growth of harmful micro organisms takes place. If you are not using house cleaning brampton service.

These simple tips will guide you to a cleaner, hygienic and healthy kitchen.

Clean the dishes quickly after use

Sounds simple and logical but not done regularly by most of the people. Don’t let stacks of dirty dishes pile up. Dishes left unclean for longer periods will harvest bacteria along with giving you an unpleasant odor. Further these will be difficult to clean later on. Keep your sink empty. Keep cleaning along with cooking. Bigger utensils can be cleaned after cooking. But important thing is that don’t leave those for the next day.

Keep the countertops clean

First of all don’t keep too many things on the countertop. Keep it uncluttered and keep cleaning as you go along using it. This way it will be easier to use, giving you more space for cooking along with not providing an opportunity for dust and dirt to accumulate.

Clean the floor regularly

Cleaning and mopping your kitchen floor on a regular basis will ensure a hygienic place of work. Dirt, grease, stains etc. can build up and accumulate very fast making it a haven for bacteria and even insects to breed and grow.

Wipe and clean the appliances

All the appliances you are using in the kitchen need your special attention for keeping those clean. The stove used for cooking should be cleaned regularly. It tends to accumulate maximum stains and grease. The oven needs a wipe out at least once a week. Keeping your refrigerator clean inside and outside is very important.

Keep the garbage out

Don’t let garbage sit in the kitchen for a longer duration. If you are using a garbage disposable unit Keep it thoroughly cleaned. Never let any left over food remain in the unit for a longer time. Keep it turned on after you dump food into it. Otherwise it will cause odors and will be a breeding ground for bacteria.