Electronic Restaurant Menu Scheme – Real Time Updating for Food Market Price

Many people don’t like the idea of reading an ebook on a tablet computer or an e-reader. They like the idea of holding a book in their hands, and I am guilty, I am one of those types of people who likes reading the actual book. I like the tactile feel of it, and the idea of sitting down with a cup of coffee, or leisurely reading and flipping the pages as I go. You might say that this is merely a habit, and 10 years from now, no one will read regular books, and anyone with books in their personal library at home will be considered an ancient art collector.

“Ha, ha, ha, very funny, but I’m keeping my books thank you very much.” Trust me when I tell you I am no ancient art collector by any stretch of the imagination. Nevertheless, I was watching a video recently about a new innovation, someone in the Netherlands has put together a regular book where you actually flip the real pages in a real book, but while you’re doing it is attached to your computer via a USB port. If you touch a certain paragraph, it will take you to perhaps a Wikipedia page explaining that location, person in history, or object. This merges old technology with new technology and still makes the real book totally interactive.

The innovator stated that eventually he wanted to go wireless, and that makes sense to me. If we could do that, we can also create an emenu restaurant. It might send information to your iPhone, iPad, or tablet device, and the menu could update the prices, products, and everything based on the actual market price of that food on that day. If the restaurant was out of a particular ingredient the waiter wouldn’t have to tell you that “we’re sorry that’s unavailable today.” That item would merely disappear off the menu in real-time as soon as the cook marked a certain ingredient out of stock.

It would also solve problems such as those folks with allergies that could not eat certain types of food ordering system, because they can ask a quick question of the menu. Someone that needed gluten-free food, would immediately know what they could eat on the menu, perhaps the rest of the items would disappear. The person might say to the menu using speech recognition technology via the Wi-Fi device; “show only items which are gluten-free.” And the remaining items would be okay for them to eat. It is quite possible that this will be our future.

There is another possibility, you will not receive a menu at all, as you walk in the door you can download an app, or have that menu delivered to your iPad, iPhone, or Google Glasses. Then you know what’s on the tto menu, the prices, and any other questions you might have about any of those items, all at your fingertips, retina, or accessed via voice. Please consider all this and think about it.