House Cleaning – Time-Saving Tips

Often thought of as a thankless job, house cleaning maid service toronto is still a necessity. Increasing numbers of people are hiring this task out, but for the rest of us who have to go it alone, any tips and advice on how to minimize the time spent on the dirty work is welcomed and appreciated. Read on for ways to cut your house cleaning time and possibly enjoy longer spans between regular housework jobs.

Involve Family

Delegating even the smallest of tasks can shave time off of your regimen. Small children love to help and will eagerly dust or clean the windows. Granted, only the lower portion of your windows will be treated, but they’re probably the area in need of a washing the most since they are at child level. They can put their clothes and toys up and even help empty the dishwasher. A wet rag or a baby wipe can successfully clean most surfaces and both are harmless to little ones. Older children can be in charge of vacuuming their own rooms and keeping their own bathrooms (semi) clean.

Regular Quick Cleanups

Keeping sinks rinsed and wiped out and counters sponged off will leave you with a minimal amount of work on house cleaning day. Each night before bed, a quick sweep of the common areas of your home will prevent huge messes from accumulating. Putting shoes, magazines and other items away will only take a few minutes each day, and will help you enjoy a neater space on a regular basis.

The Drop Zone

Create a designated drop zone for everyone to quickly place their items as they come in the door. A well thought-out drop zone will require little time to maintain, be easy to use and will cut the clutter and remediate unnecessary messes and stockpiles of junk mail and school work that can take over a flat surface and leave you overwhelmed.

Cleanup Caddy

Keep a small caddy of cleaners and wipes in the kitchen and in each bathroom. When a disinfectant wipe is in arm’s reach, you are more likely to clean a mess when it occurs, rather than waiting for a more convenient time. Stocking with convenience supplies, such as wipes and disposable or flushable cleanser-filled sponges makes small and frequent cleanups quick and easy.

By following these tips, your big house cleaning day could be put off longer than ever before. And when the dreaded day does come, you will have a smaller job that will take less time to complete. Just put the music on and get moving. But beware, with such a lighter load, you may come to actually enjoy house cleaning.

Although many people seem to think that their house is clean, using the techniques above can test this. A certain level of dirt isn’t too much of a problem in the home, however it is important to try to keep it under control so that you don’t end up having to spend weeks cleaning your whole house from top to bottom.