How to Open a Grocery Store

Many business opportunities and home-based businesses can be opened at home and with little capital. One is opening a grocery store. A grocery store is one home-based business that can be done without having to interfere with your work as a housewife. The required capital is not large and does not need special skills, but quite promising. Because the products are sold are the basic needs of the community around the residence.

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Although currently not a little mini market scattered on the edge of a small road or a major roadside. It does not affect the growth of small shops or grocery stores. Why? Because this small shop can be opened up in a narrow alley though. For a housewife who wants a side business, this type of business can certainly be a potential business opportunity to provide additional income for your family.

In addition, you do not have to busy to buy things to be sold. Most of the time, these items will be directly visited by the distributor. Grocery store business should be able to keep going, considering the goods sold are basic needs.

If you have the intention to open a grocery store business, below we will explain how to open this business from preparation, promotion, barriers to opening this business, to business analysis.

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  • Some things that need to be prepared before opening a grocery store are:
  • Financial capital or money to buy grocery store necessities such as a place to sell, small tables, cabinets, etc.
  • Providing the goods that the local community needs.
  • Prepare a special room in front of the house where to sell.
  • Search for the cheapest grocery store to supply the items to be sold at your grocery store.


Basically this type of business is very simple and very easy to implement. You just need to:

Selling products in retail to the public. Purchased goods that will be traded. Prioritize the often sought day such as salt, sugar, oil, coffee, cakes, cigarettes, etc.

Be patient waiting for people to come buy, especially if there is a grocery store that first open. So yes, create something that makes your store worth visiting.

Checking and calculating inventory, do not run out and customers have to go back home and eventually move to another place.

Set profits, split earnings and start-up capital, do not use capital for other things. If necessary, to develop and further complement the availability of your goods, use some of the benefits.

Build good communication with the surrounding community or customers.

Provide shipping services – of course if you have your own time or have facilities to deliver goods such as aqua gallon, gas etc.

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Promotion and Marketing

Promotion and marketing for grocery stores is not difficult, very easy. Even still can be done traditionally like mouth to mouth. Tell the close family.


Do not be afraid, even if only small stalls are small. Every effort must have obstacles that we meet, some of them:

Faced with the emergence of competition with other grocery stores.

Boredom certainly we will feel because it is waiting for the buyer to come.

Profits cannot be ascertained every day, sometimes even small ones. Moreover, the greater competition alias there is a larger open place around.