Marijuana For HIV / AIDS Potential For Healing

Marijuana for HIV / AIDS medically recognized existing benefits. Like a drug named with Marinol. Marinol has been legalized by the drug agency US government as one of the drugs for HIV / AIDS. Marinol is a synthetic drug derived from a substance contained in marijuana called THC. If examined further, we can more benefit of marijuana to treat patients with this disease.

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Even with these drugs from cannabis were legalized by the government, marijuana for HIV / AIDS is still be developed further. It is not impossible marijuana to treat AIDS, not only therapeutic, but also, as a repellent disease that has not had the vaccine or cure it. HIV / AIDS is a disease that is very dangerous, because the disease is often fatal. HIV / AIDS is a disease in which a virus infects human immune system of the host, this causes the patient experienced a decrease in the immune system or immune from time to time.