Matching Bathroom Vanity Tops to Existing Vanity and Sink

Switching out bathroom vanity tops is sometimes a very reasonable alternative especially when a full remodel meets a budget dilemma. All of this is of course dependent on the condition, style, and functionality of your existing bathroom vanity. For instance, if your vanity cabinet is contemporary, in decent condition, and still fits well with other changes you have made to your bathroom in the remodel process, then simply switching out the tops may be all it really needed. There are many vanity top choices on the market today. The difficult part is finding one that can seamlessly match your existing vanity and sink.

To begin with, you must first choose a material for your new bathroom vanity tops. Granite is the most popular but there are many other types including corian, stone, ceramic tile, wood, marble, and concrete. All of which are just as attractive and some are even more durable than granite. Shop around and ask for samples as you search for a good match. Bring small samples home and place them on top of your vanity and sink. A good match will be a material that has strong attractive qualities but can also match well with the rest of your bathroom design. Once color, style, durability, and cost is taken into consideration and a few good candidates are left then color is probably going to be your final determinant. Be wise and carefully weight the cost versus the durability of the material. Sometimes cheaper is not always better especially if you need to get many years of function from your new vanity top.

Before you make a final purchase, make sure you have the exact measurements and that you have properly market the area where the sink or sinks will be installed. Materials like marble or stone must be professionally cut in order to get a good fit. Other materials like concrete and tile can easily be installed by you but you may need to do a little research on the proper handling of such materials. Wood surfaces like butcher block can easily be cut to fit the required measurements. If you are going from a single sink to a double sink, keep in mind that plumbing will have to be extended for that second sink. Accessories like a faucet, mirror, and lighting will also have to be accounted for when adding a second sink but the investment is well worth it because an additional sink adds both function and value to your home.

Bathroom vanity tops can be found at building supply stores, home improvement stores, and online. Depending on your budget requirements, you could a deal good enough to even have some left over to have it professionally installed. Matching a vanity top to your existing vanity and sinks is going to take some time and leg work but the end result will be a bathroom that has a completely different look for the small investment of a countertop switch. The change can be minor or immense depending on the material, style, and color you choose. Color in small splashes can change the entire appearance of a space.