Nexus between globalisation and international money transfer.

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Globalisation in ordinary parlance means the integration of diverse people from every corner of the world into one single society. Globalisation is aided in no small measure by the advancement of information technology. With your Internet-enabled device, you can “travel” anywhere in the world without leaving the comfort of your room. You can make friends in Europe, have business partners in Asia and take a degree from an American university all from your home. 

The effect of globalisation in the business world is particularly magnificent. Before globalisation reached its maturity, business and trade between nationals of different countries, to say the least Is very cumbersome. A British citizen that wants to import consumer technology from Japan, for instance, has to approach a commercial bank based in England but with a correspondence bank in Japan for a letter of credit, he will then take the letter of credit to the Japanese correspondent bank who will pay him the amount stipulated on the letter of credit in the Japanese local currency for his importation. The bank in England will then reimburse the Japanese bank. 

With Globalisation a buyer in England can, for instance, can transfer money to his business partner in China without the hassle of obtaining any letter of credit, he doesn’t even have to physically have the Chinese currency Yuan with him. There is a myriad of platforms scattered through the internet through which he can transfer money to any account anywhere in the world. The question begging for an answer now is how reliable are these platforms?

CurrencyFair  offers an opportunity for you to transfer money into any account anywhere in the world through their website. The icing on the cake is that currencyfair understands the volatility of exchange rates and the negative effect its fluctuation can have on your money and that is why they have taken it upon themselves to provide you with favourable exchange rates that are not subject to taxes and other hidden charges from your average commercial bank. Based on our honest and trustworthy CurrencyFair reviews we make bold to assert that this platform offers one of the best exchange rates in the world.

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