Over 65? Your AC Is More Important Than Ever

Once you enter the later years of life, your air conditioning brisbane system becomes more important than ever. This is because you become more vulnerable to heat stroke as you grow older. This is why neighbours often check on their older neighbours during the hottest months of the year. Everyone just knows that you are more prone to negative heat responses when you get older.

What most people may not realize is there are real reasons that older people need to be protected from high heat situations. Consider this short list of reason given by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States:

  1. Humans over the age of 65 do not regulate body heat as well as younger people.
  2. The older you get, the more likely you are to suffer from medical problems which interfere with your body’s ability to regulate body heat.
  3. Older people take more medication and some medications can interfere with the body’s ability to regulate body temperature.

The increase in medical conditions and the amount of medication taken is just a natural fact of life. It is easier to assume younger people are going to be healthier as an overall group while older people will start to suffer from more medical conditions. This is just a fact of life that must be understood and embraced if you have hit or will soon hit the age of 65.

Not being able to regulate your body temperature as well puts you at increased risk of heat stroke. That is why your air conditioning system becomes incredibly important once you reach this age.

If you don’t have a working air conditioning system or you know an older person who doesn’t have a working system, it is important to correct this situation right away. Call a local AC repair crew in and have them put in a system that will protect you or someone you love fro an unnecessary heat stroke.

If you do have a working AC system, then it is important to maintain it over time. It needs to be looked over by a reputable local AC crew at least once a year. This should ideally occur a little before the hot season sets into your area. This will allow any problems with the system to be fixed before it is time to really start using the system.

It is never fun to turn on the AC on a super hot day and find it doesn’t work! Get it serviced in advance so you never have to worry about that occurring.

If the system is well maintained each year and you are changing the filters on a regular basis, then your AC should protect you through the hottest season of your climate. You will have a cool, safe place to rest no matter how hot it gets on the other side of your front door.

You will also save money over time by having your system serviced on a routine basis. Your overall system will last longer and you will save money on repairs over time.

There are health, lifestyle, and financial reasons to install a good air conditioning system and keep it well maintained year after year. If you or someone you love has hit or will soon hit the age of 65, this is important information you cannot afford to ignore!