Questions about Calgary Duct Cleaning

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There have been arguments and counter-arguments about the need for duct cleaning and the damages it may cause. The pro-cleaning arguments talk about the improvement in the quality of air, hygiene, removal of dust and dirt, and elimination of mold and mildew from the duct interiors. 

The arguments against cleaning are focused on damages to the flex ducts, indoor air pollution, damages to the heating systems, and the risk of repairs. As a homeowner, you may get confused between the two arguments. Let us examine the pros and cons of duct cleaning. 

Can Air Duct Cleaning Calgary cause damage?

The answer is No and Yes. It is no because of the practical benefits of Furnace Cleaning Calgary and improvement in hygienic conditions. It is yes, because of the DIY techniques and the cleaning by inexperienced technicians. Let us see how it works. 

Calgary Duct Cleaning 

Duct cleaning is a process in which the technician removes the deposits of dust, dirt, soot, and other debris within the interiors. He will also clean the rust and other contaminants. It is not the end of procedures. He will polish the interiors and refurbish the interior surfaces to the original state. 

The complexity of the process depends on the existing condition of the duct. When carried by an experienced professional, it can become simple and streamlined. It also depends on the high-tech tools and cleaning liquids he uses. For example, consider the portable vacuum which can clean the ducts. 

Vacuum Cleaning 

A portable vacuum approved by the NADCA and EPA is capable of removing the maximum volume of contaminants within the ducts without spreading it to the surrounding environment within your home. The professional duct cleaners can ensure restoration of air quality within your home. The vacuums can also remove most of the mold and mildew depositions within the ducts. 

Liquid Cleaning 

Liquid cleaning is the other method in which the technicians use pressure washing of the duct interiors. The method can clean not only the ducts, but also the blowers, motor, pump, and the other internal parts of the furnace. A professional cleaner can ensure conformance to the EPA standards. 

The liquids can eliminate all the deposits of mold and mildew apart from the dirt and dust. It can also neutralize the carbon compounds and improve the air quality within your home interiors. The interiors will be completely free from the odor and airborne pathogens. Your family members can breathe clean and hygienic air. 

The professional cleaners use all the safety and protection equipment and tools while cleaning. They seal the surrounding areas with plastic or other synthetic fabrics. Hence, the probability of damages to them and others around the cleaning areas is zero.

Brush Cleaning 

The third stage of cleaning will be with the help of manual brushes and other tools. The procedure can also include polishing and finishing of the duct interiors. Once it is done, you can be assured of complete cleaning procedures. 

Will cleaning air ducts help with dust?

Dust removal is one of the key benefits of duct cleaning. Dust deposits can be found within the duct joints. Two types of joints are frames and slip-joints. The materials could be metal or fiberglass. The dust deposits on metal can be tough to remove. But the modern vacuum and liquid cleaning can eliminate the dust completely without any remnants. It can work easily with the fiberglass since the adhesiveness factor is only moderate. 

The core purpose of cleaning air duct in your Calgary Home is to improve the air quality in your home interiors. It has been proved practically that clean ducts can also extract pieces of dust from within your home interiors. The second reason for duct cleaning is to eliminate the dust within the interiors of the furnace parts. 

The vacuum which the technician uses for cleaning can also remove the dust deposits from the burners, blower motor, liners, and fan control. The procedure can ensure completely clean and ready duct and part of the furnace. 

Furnace Cleaning 

The best way of making duct cleaning Calgary  complete is to clean the other internal parts of the furnace like the gas valves, internal parts of the motor and burners, air filters, and the access panel of the blower. 

Dust Extraction

The design of the duct should be such that the air flow velocity remains consistent. Hence, the designers take care of flow from the higher volume to the lower volume ducts within the network. Cleaning the ducts will ensure that the dust and other airborne particulates within your home get directed into the ducts. So, the air in the rooms is relatively free from dust particles. 

Elbow Throat 

Elbow throat is the section, where the horizontal part of the duct meets the vertical section. As the air flows between the two sections, the probability of dust deposits increases. It takes expertise and experience to clean such sections within the duct network. 

Sometimes the technician may have to open the joints for cleaning the ducts. You can find many such joints within the entire duct networks. The volume of dust extracted from such sections can reduce the probability of poor air quality significantly. 

Air Filters

The air filters attached at the end of ducts can also get cleaned during the procedures. Clean ducts always ensure cleaner filters. The probability of filter clogging is reduced to zero. Hence, the quality of air within your home interiors improves significantly. 

Pathogen Removal

Duct cleaning also removes the pathogens within the home interiors. It is always preceded by dust removal procedures. The process ensures complete elimination of dust from your home interiors. 


You have to ensure the sealing of windows and doors which could be the potential points of dust entry. 


 It is possible to reduce the dust deposits within your home premises with duct cleaning to a significant extent. You have to ensure the installation of insulators and other dust sealants to prevent the entry of dust from the other sources. You can take the services from professional duct cleaners to ensure quality.