Shackles Are The Hidden Tool Found In Every Home

Shackles are often ignored mainly because people don’t know what they are, even though they probably have at least one within reach.

Shackles are everywhere, however, most people don’t even realize that. When the majority of people hear that word, they think handcuffs, or possibly some other type of restraint used on prisoners. The image of a “chain gang” comes to mind many times.

Yes, those are shackles, but those are not the only types available, just the most commonly thought of. In fact, there are several different types available on today’s market.

By definition, a shackle is something that restrains or connects two items. That sounds pretty simple, and yes, they are very simple tools. Now think about what is in your house right now. Can you think of anything that connects two parts?

Maybe it’s in your pocket at this very moment, or sitting on your dresser waiting for you to leave the house. What am I talking about? I’m talking about your keys. Yes, on your keys is most likely one if not more shackles. Those little clips that connect your keys to your purse or your belt loop are shackles.

It’s a little surprising when you think about it. I mean, normally when you hear that word if your brain doesn’t pop directly to prison, you might think about the shipping industry. For centuries, they have been used to assist with the loading, unloading and securing of loads on large ships and in trucks.

Due to their simple design, they can be produced quickly, cheaply, and in many shapes and sizes. This large variety allows them to perform many different jobs. This lets them do their job better, since we all know something that is designed for one job is going to perform better than something designed to multi-task.

So next time you hear the word shackles, think twice before assuming the speaker is talking about a “chain gang” or handcuffs. They just might be talking about their keychain.