The Basics of Social Media Listening Every Company Should Know

In the last few years, audience research in companies is becoming an essential factor that most of the companies in the industry have been incorporating. Organizations want to have insider information about customers so that they can make critical decisions about their operations. One of the essential strategies of audience research is social listening, especially the one pertaining social media comments, mentions, and complaints.

What is Social Media Listening?

Social media listening is an innovative strategy that allows companies operating through social media channels to understand what customers and other market players are saying about the company and its brand. The social listening strategy gives most of the companies in the industry an opportunity to track, analyze, and respond to most of the comments and mentions in the commonly used social media platforms. It is essential to highlight that social listening also pays attention to brand hashtags, competitor mentions, and significant industry trends.

Why Social Media Listening Matters

Most of the companies out there in the industry are still operating in brick and mortar facilities. Most of these organizations do not have an online presence. Therefore, they are not concerned about their social media mentions or anything concerning them that occur online. These companies have been missing a lot of insight that can help them to enhance their operations and to improve their products as well. Here are some of the critical factors that show why social listening matters.

Engaging with Customers

 In the online world, customers are continually mentioning specific companies about their products and services. For example, a customer might reach a company for technical assistance. If companies do not have social listening strategies, they will not attend to the needs of that customer, which may lead to loss of customers in the long run. However, companies with the necessary social listening strategies will get complaints from the customers and address them where appropriate. This is the kind of engagement that customers need to be loyal to a company.

Manage Business Crisis

Social media listening is not only for engaging customers, especially in customer services related activities. It is also an innovative strategy that most of the organizations in the industry can use to deal with a public relations crisis. Most of the organizations in the world today are always at danger of being on the wrong side of public relations. The best approach is to make sure that the company is always tracking its mentions in social media so that it can address negative sentiments in real-time.

Track Your Competitors

Social media listening is not only about listening to what people are saying about your company. It also has everything to do with what is happening to your competitors or what they are doing. You need to make sure that you are always on the knowledge of what your competitors are experiencing. If they are taking a beating from the press, you can make maximum use of the opportunity and market your products. If they are launching new marketing campaigns, you will know how to respond and remain relevant in the market.

Find Pain Points

Social media listening allows you to know what is working but more importantly, what is not working. You have the duty of listening to your customers to understand the pain points of your products and address them immediately before your competitor takes advantage of your negligence.

What Next?

If you are planning to incorporate social media listening or a social media audit into your company, working with NetBase is the way to go. This is a social analytics company that has insider information about social listening and will help your social media team to incorporate the most essential strategies that will help you to succeed.